Coming Soon

We at Professor Grow are working on the finishing touches of our next book which is called Growing AutoFlowers. We expect it to publish in March of this year, 2013. It will be available on Amazon as a paperback at first, and then within a few weeks it will be available as a Kindle book as well.

As you may know, AutoFlower cannabis strains are very different to grow than their Sativa and Indica counterparts. The lighting times, the size of pots you start them in, the amount of fertilizer you use, and many other aspects of growing are very different for AutoFlowers strains.

Because the AutoFlowers are beginning to rise in popularity, we wanted to make sure that everyone can grow them properly and get the best results. Our book, Growing AutoFlowers
is aimed at small indoor grows, which are ideal for growing these auto flowering plants.

Growing AutoFlowers follows our other books, Growing Sativa, Growing Indica, and Book of Strains. All three of them are available in paperback and as Kindle books on

We also have two Kindle-only titles available on Amazon.  They are Harvesting and Curing, and Grow Room Safety, Setup & Hygiene.