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Growing AutoFlowers Published On Kindle

Growing AutoFlowers CoverProfessor Grow is pleased to announce that our newest book, Growing AutoFlowers is now available on Kindle.

It contains all of the same great information as the paperback.  You can click on one of the links above and be reading this book and only a minute or two. The price for the Kindle version is only $7.49 USD.

Growing AutoFlower strains is very different from growing normal Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica. We provide you with all of the information you need to know in Growing AutoFlowers so that you will be able to successfully grow AutoFlower strains.

Professor Grow offers classes on growing organic vegetable gardens, growing bonsai trees, and growing marijuana. Professor Grow also offers books on other aspects of growing marijuana, including: A paperback version of Growing AutoFlowers, paperback and Kindle versions of Book of Strains, Growing Indica and Growing Sativa, and Kindle-only versions of Harvesting and Curing, and Grow Room Set Up, Safety and Hygiene.

You can visit the Professor Grow website to get more tips and videos on growing and to see when our next classes are scheduled.